MH Beer Fest was awesome!

Medicine Hat Beer Festival was great. $25 for entrance, a glass (a REAL GLASS glass), 5 tokens, and dinner! Dinner was pulled pork on a bun, sausage on a bun, and potato salad. Pretty tasty and very filling, served on buffet tables with tablecloths. Fancy! Extra tokens were only a buck a piece and we only had one beer… » 9/27/14 12:43am 9/27/14 12:43am

WWYD if a cashier joked about your SO's genitals?

Yesterday was apparently Shitty Day. We went to the city for some errands, it was raining and cold so nobody likes that in August. On our way out of Target we were crossing in the crosswalk, where there are stop signs for the traffic. One SUV had stopped (which all drivers should do, regardless of whether there's… » 8/23/14 7:34pm 8/23/14 7:34pm

15 year old aboriginal girl's body found in Red River

Another young aboriginal girl has been murdered. Tina Fontaine's body was found in the Red River in Winnipeg on Sunday August 17, after being reported missing on August 9th. Police are treating her death as a homicide; her body was found wrapped in a bag. Ms. Fontaine had been in foster care, and had previously run… » 8/19/14 4:54pm 8/19/14 4:54pm